A Welcomed Surprise at SHOT Show

March 26, 2015 0 Comments

Warning... This might get a bit deep "smile emoticon"

I want to share the most important thing I came home with, from the SHOT Show. You might think it was the Pistolsmiths Guild award, some new high speed low drag tacticool gadget, or a whole ton of new business, but you would be wrong.

I came home with a different spirit, motivation, and drive.

I was invited by the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation to attend a fundraiser/party for The Raider Project. I didn't know anything about it other than it was a MARSOC thing and there was gonna be free booze. When Kyle and I got there, I did not recognize anyone I knew, and my MRF contacts were running late. It was a bit awkward at first but only for a short time, as most there had long hair, beards, and lots of tattoos, not that I expected anything less from MARSOC "smile emoticon" Quickly guys came up, introduced themselves and conversations began. What was very interesting to me was I met fellow Recon Marines, Air Force PJ's, SEALS, SF, Rangers, regulars, and non military all supporting the Raider Project. And by the conversations, one key point hit me: it didn't matter what branch or unit they were from, the mission was the same and they were there to support vets in need and to honor our fallen heroes. WOW! There wasn't one speck of dick measuring (sorry ladies), who was better, egos, etc. Everyone was humble, respectful, selfless, and grateful. There was a powerful energy flowing which I can't explain in words. I can honestly say this is the best "party" I have ever been to in my life on many levels. I know it wasn't the alcohol, because I have been thinking about it everyday since!

We all know the WWII era vets to be the greatest generation. I am here to say this of the of the vets of the War On Terror, they are the newest greatest generation and my heroes! It is awesome for me to see the amount of support and genuine care given by people, organizations, and companies to our vets and fallen. I became a Marine when the leadership from the top down to company level were Vietnam vets. I saw their struggles. We owe them today for fighting not only for our beliefs but also for the current support networks and national awareness to service members and vets.

I got to meet Dakota Meyer, Michael Schlitz, and many other amazing American heroes. As many of you really know me, I am fairly black and white, hard on the edges, and hide my emotions, but there were multiple times during this party that I had tears running out of my eyes (as they are now). What I got was hugs and powerful words from new found Brothers.

That is what I came home with..... That is all, for now.

Oh, and Kyle had fun at the party too, as evidence in the picture... Thanks Rudy smile emoticon
Mat Best and Vincent Vargas, you guys are as fun in person as you are in your videos, my ribs still hurt smile emoticon

By: Erik Little

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