Restoration After a Traumatic Brain Injury

May 04, 2017 0 Comments

Raider Project Keynote Speaker Dr. Cagan Randall founder of Cerebrum Health Centers will be speaking on brain health for veterans suffering with a TBI.



It could be something as simple as hitting your head on a cabinet, or it may be as severe as a blast injury during deployment.  Parachute opens, door breaches, fire fights... According to the DOD we are looking at HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of veterans diagnosed with TBIs since 2001.  A Traumatic brain injury can have symptoms lasting long past the initial injury and these symptoms don’t resolve themselves. Cerebrum Health Centers knows the underlying neurology for the issues, and we can help.

Cerebrum brings together a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to YOU and your specific needs. Through our innovative processes, we help repair the brain by encouraging targeted activity in the affected areas to restore or enhance function. We work together to maximize quality of life for our patients dealing with symptoms including blurred vision, light sensitivity, headaches, mood instability or depression, sleep and/or memory issues, and more.

CerebrumDr. Randall continues to educate himself on the latest developments in functional neurology, nutrition, and receptor based therapy.Dr. Randall began his educational background at Arizona State University where he completed his Undergraduate studies. Following ASU he went on to complete his graduate studies in Chiropractic at Parker University and then continued his discipline at The Cerebrum Health Centers Institute of Graduate Studies. His journey started when one of his nieces began struggling with a developmental delay and he watched his family fight to find a way to help their little girl. After seeing firsthand the lack of resources and solutions available Dr. Randall became interested in providing a resource for families suffering with TBIs.

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