Carrick Brain Center - Dallas Texas

June 10, 2014 0 Comments

Good Afternoon! 

I am writing on behalf of the Carrick Brain Center located in Irving, Texas. We are seeking Texas veterans who are currently experiencing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress to participate in our treatment program. Currently, we are able to offer the program at NO COST to the veteran.   

A formal diagnosis of PTSD is not required. Carrick Brain Center is not affiliated with the VA or DOD and the treatment program is funded by the State of Texas. 

Veterans who are interested should complete this short survey and we also invite everyone to view the attached testimonials. 

If you have veterans who you believe will benefit or be interested in this program, please feel free to disseminate this email or have them contact Shara Hegr or Kara Williams at:

Office: 940-735-2618

Very Respectfully, 

Shara H

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