Carrick Brain Center Day 8-9

July 24, 2014 0 Comments

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After a restful weekend I was excited to get back to it and see what was in store for the second week. As usual, when you walk in everyone is extremely excited and very nice. After a cup of coffee in the Veterans Relaxation Room Dr. Cagen Randall came in and said that he wanted to do another videonystagmography (VNG) to measure the progress of therapy over the last week. I could immediately tell a difference of difficulty when I started but was not sure how I was doing. Immediately following the test he went over the differences between last weeks and todays, lets just say they were drastically different. The VNG is one of the test that they use to develop your personal treatment plan and he will use this information to modify or ramp up my therapy for the coming week. 

Once the VNG once complete I started my rounds of Repetitive peripheral somatosensory stimulation (RPSS), eye movement therapy, ride in the OVARD, and time in the Rebuilder. There were some slight deviations to therapy based off the results of the VNG. Specifically the therapy in the OVARD was modified to include right and backwards. Just wanted to note that before every ride in the OVARD your vitals are taken. 

Day 9 was a busy day! Dr. Randall started the day off with going over your labs in detail. The concept and medicine that the Doctors at Carrick or not your neighborhood conventional doctors. He spent an hour going over the entire blood panel in detail and explaining how each individual reading affects the other down to the chemical level. They then provide suggestions for improvement utilizing diet adjustments and natural vitamin supplements. Below is the white board where Dr. Randall explained my labs in depth. Unfortunately for him much of it was being lost in translation but I let him keep talking. Dr. Randall have no fear, my take aways, back to the Paleo Diet and taking some new vitamin supplements! When in doubt I can look at this picture to make sense of it. 

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1242.0"]Dr. Cagen Randall explaining patients blood work in detail.  Dr. Cagen Randall explaining patients blood work in detail. 

After that I retested on the Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP). This is the is a balance test that we did on the first day. Again he wanted to measure the amount of progress made to our center of balance. The initial test I said "Balance test? I'm going to smoke this... I surf, skateboard, and indo board. Easy day". Endstate was, I failed miserably, they laughed at me and said that I have the balance of someone in a retirement home..... None the less I have improved significantly in just a week. I am now outside the range of retirement home capability!

Once again during lunch we rode over to Performance Vault and conducted a strength and conditioning circuit. 

Came back, hit some lunch, and we all pushed through our last round of therapy. Once complete we all loaded up and headed to meet the Founder Of GallantFew Karl Monger to go rock climbing at Summit Climbing Gym in Grapevine, TX. Gallantfew holds an Organizational pass for Veterans to climb there Saturday Mornings, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Contact or for more information. 

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