Connection - The KEY to Social Fitness

March 01, 2018 0 Comments

Social Fitness Emotional Connection

Dr. Jim Richards

Help! I have an incredibly difficult time emotionally connecting.

We were created to be social, emotional, relationship-oriented beings. 

Any number of familial, cultural, or social factors can make it difficult, however, for us to actually make emotional connections. 

The rise in the need for drugs, alcohol, physical and sexual activity could in part be due to the rise in people who are desperate for emotional stimulation. One thing is sure: you can develop the ability to connect with others relationally without substances nor inappropriate physical stimulation! Learning to shut down and close ourselves off emotionally may have been a survival strategy we developed as children that no longer serves us today. 

Join me this week and begin to develop the capacity to connect emotionally to people and to God, and enrich your every relationship.

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