Finding Your New Tribe - The Calling

May 06, 2019 0 Comments

This month is Military Caregiver's Month. Hannah Honsberger is a Raider wife with an amazing story of restoration. After her husband's life altering static line crash, Hannah rushed to Josh's side to help him through the debilitating injury that pulled him from his life's purpose and mission as an operator; But that is only the beginning of their story.

            Makena on the wall.

Lil P and her papa.

"As a military wife there were many times I waited for that highly anticipated phone call from another country during deployment - this picture always reminds me of that time in our life. That phone cord was our lifeline to each other. Life during the military and after, simply means answering the call. Answer the call when your veteran is in need. Answer the call when your family is in need. Someone who has always answered the call for our family is The Raider Project."

Josh had a long road to recovery, but his mission was clear: Finding his new tribe and building and unshakeable foundation. They did it together.

This past weekend the Raider Project brought the Honsberger family to Joshua Tree, California for a weekend of climbing, camping, yoga and emotional fitness coaching. Josh and Hannah's older daughters got to do some outdoor climbing for the first time and it was cosmic. They were fearless!

"Today we are taking part in a weekend Rock climbing/camping retreat in Joshua Tree National Park. We are so grateful for the Raider Project and all it’s moving parts and people who make experiences like this happen for our veteran and our family." - Hannah Honsberger

Raider Project is more than just our veterans. Community means family. It means the new tribe you get to build when you come home. This week we watched Josh Honsberger and his tribe succeed in amazing things on the rock climbing wall, and do things they had never done, together. Family.

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