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October 04, 2017 0 Comments

Raider Project Veteran Retreat

By: Fritz S.

 RAWAH Wilderness Retreat

I can't really choose between personal firsts: fly-fishing or horseback riding. I was equally and truly happy loping through wide open valley bottoms and catching brook trout at the bottom of a mountain waterfall. Great conversation and company was the standard through the week. Playing with Goose, the most energetic English Bulldog I've ever met, was awesome and instantly erased stress. What else can I say? Amazing week tucked into the Colorado Rockies! 


The Raider Project, teamed with Rawah Ranch is a GAME CHANGER for both active duty and transitioned Marines. The Raider Project approach-one focused on growth and mental strength-is heightened at Rawah Ranch, where everyday distractions are scuttled to allow one to not only think, but to listen to ones-self. The combination of world-class activities, genuine staff, outstanding meals, and focused counseling made for a week that would turn any naysayer into a believer. Highly recommend partaking or contributing to this enormous and effective effort directed at Special Operations personnel!'




Now in it's third year, Raider Project - a GallantFew Inc. (501.c3) - is a program that remains focused on the US Marine Corps Combat Veteran. Raider Project provides services to Marine Combat veterans ranging from suicide prevention, drug addiction treatment, PTS therapy, as well as unconventional treatments for TBIs and employment and financial assistance. With our ambassadors, we are able to offer peer-to-peer counseling, veteran wilderness retreats, climbing retreats, fishing trips, as well as community sports programs. We live the MOTTO. "Never above you, never below you, always beside you." We want to connect veterans to the resources they need to be healthy as well as the tools they need for their own success.

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