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April 26, 2017 0 Comments

The Raider Project and GallantFew are excited to host Chris Frankel at the 2017 Military Transition Seminar.


Chris Frankel, PhD(c), draws from over 35 years of experience as an educator, lecturer, trainer and coach focusing on the intersection of sports science, fitness and training.  His unique experience as athlete, coach, researcher and instructor has resulted developing the complete professional education curriculum for TRX Training – the world renowned, innovative functional training movement that has reached over 150,000 fitness professionals and influenced millions of people worldwide. Formally an instructor at the University of New Mexico in the department of Health Education and Sports Science, he currently consults with branches of the U.S. military, fire and police departments around the country, elite training facilities, as well as professional and collegiate sports teams. Frankel is a devoted father, husband and eternal student of his craft. 

Chris Frankel TRX

When your fitness training philosophy communicates a clear understanding of your long term “why,” your plan becomes easier to activate and sustain. The human body, mind and spirit are amazing and complex interdependent systems, which respond and, if you're recovering adequately, adapt to training. A well-defined blueprint can deliver benefits, but your progress can be limited if your goals are unclear. Identifying your philosophy to optimize your fitness, performance and health requires a bit of planning and ongoing attention. The mind-body connection is strong. We know that physical training impacts our state of mind and vice versa, and that our intentions influence our results. When the “why” is clear, the “how” becomes easy.


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