Kilos for Heroes

June 10, 2015 0 Comments

This past weekend Brandon Lilly and Sorinex put on Kilos for Heroes at Virginia High Performance in Virginia Beach. The support was overwhelming and much appreciated. We focus a lot on human performance and physical fitness when it comes to veteran transition. There are many reasons for this but in short, being physically active both helps with recovery from injury as well as is therapeutic for the mind. We are all striving to be better and when healing or transitioning we need to surround ourselves with positive people that we can learn from and lean on. 

We had an amazing turn out from people all over the United States from all walks of life. Day one was the powerlifting meet led by the Man of Iron himself Brandon Lilly. Even though it was a powerlifting meet everyone knew why they were there and were moved in supporting this project. They truly gave their all during that day and had a great time doing so. The competitors ranged from active duty military, veterans, first responders, and patriotic civilians. 

The second day was spent on an athletic combine created by former Navy Seals turned Strenght and Conditioning Coaches. Needless to say silliness ensued. We had a truly great time with this one even though it was a grueling 5 hour competition. Though it was indeed a competition, everyone had a lot of fun and were extremely supportive of each other and never forgetting the reason we were all together. 

We are continued to be humbled and in awe of the amount of support that everyone provides to our small community. We are eternally grateful for this past weekend and we look forward to next year.  

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