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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1500.0"]Brady Totanka, CEO Level West Integral, Marine Scout Sniper Brady Totanka, CEO Level West Integral, Marine Scout Sniper
To hear the sounds of a territorial howl from a grey wolf, after we come back empty handed, is comforting to me.                  Because he keeps his distance. When Hunter meets Hunter, there is tribal bond of mutual respect. 
The Wolf is the keeper of balance in the environment, he is hated and he is loved never in between. He is the sin-eater
So you can keep your #SHEEPDOGstatus because they are tamed and know only one side, and ultimately are controlled.
Level West Integral - A Lone Wolf is a Dead Wolf - Who is in Your Pack? 
- Brady Totanka

How long have you been in your industry?

Level West Integral has been open since May 2015,  after I've spent almost a decade in the military.

What made your create your own business?

I wanted to be my own boss. Creating a space inside an ever-evolving industry that allows me the variety of decision making built around a solid team of like-minded individuals. I know how to be strong and how strong I can be, but two is always stronger than one. Therefore, I align myself with individuals and companies from the community who are like-minded because being a part of a team with a solid goal is what will get it done. Being that vital integral. The other half of my vision for what I’m doing is getting involved with vetted veteran organizations. Like the The Raider Project, Camp Valhalla, 22kill, organizations are giving veteransdirection again like they had back in the military. We suffer too much as a veteran community when we loose brothers and sisters in combat to have to loose them here at home to suicide.

How did you come up with the name?  

 “LEVEL”- in order to make a sound decision in life, one must have a level and clear head, you have to be thinking straight. Just like a compass, if it is not held level, you will not get a straight azimuth. 

“WEST”- like the American author quoted from John Babsone Lane Soule, “GO WEST YOUNG MAN” has always been a big part of my life. From the expeditions in order to find new land, they went west. In doing so, some of the greatest things in the world have been discovered by going west. 

“INTEGRAL”- a vital part to something bigger than itself that is vital for that greater entity to be successful. - I feel that speaks for itself and in a way that makes you think about all the different aspect out there that need them.

What is your business plan?

Business for lwi is pretty simple, we have 3 sides. 1 being the outdoor/backcountry outfitter which includes hunts, fishing (fresh & salt), camping, horseback riding, mountaineering, basically any and all things outdoors. We are highly motivated in getting you outside your box, or grid square as we like to say. Then we have our gear side, which sells to both outdoor and critical skills (tactical) side. Finally we have our critical skills side. This is what everyone out there calls tactical, but being that i like to be different, we say critical skills. This includes training on all weapons platforms and marksmanship disciplines as well as tactics and field craft. We look towards civilian, military, law enforcement around the world.

What are your next steps?

Next steps are to expand, we are looking to branch into international operations as well as domestic with the mil and leo. We also have a big line of gear with using kydex but not in the traditional way anyone thinks.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1807.0"]Level West .50 cal Bottle Breacher Level West .50 cal Bottle Breacher

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