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January 15, 2016 0 Comments

How long have you been open and how long have you been in your industry?

Treadswift Tactical has been a company for 3 years now and in the industry for just as long. 

 What made you decide to create your own business?

The idea of Treadswift was conceived when our CEO, Dave Solano, sat in his barracks room at 2nd Reconnaissance Bn preparing for a MEU that would take him straight to Afghanistan in 2008. He realized that if and when the war was “over” there would be a necessity for the knowledge that he, and others like him, possess and would be able to provide the American people and a younger generation of war fighters. In 2012, founders Dave Solano and Mike Bouchard spent long hours between operations designing the foundation for what the original inception was. “If you’ll recall, 2012 was the year that things were beginning to get hot both at home and abroad. The Annex and Consulate in Benghazi had been hit, putting into question our foreign policy oversight as well as introducing us to a “new” terrorist organization” Mike said. “Then the Boston Marathon Bombers struck. Suddenly, people became aware of other extremist groups around the world which hated Americans” David said.  “We observed our brothers and sisters in law enforcement as they cordoned and cleared neighborhoods searching for the one brother remaining at large. More importantly we observed their tactics, techniques, and procedures. As brave as those men and women are, we recognized the need for some updates in how they conducted business. That’s not a knock on them, but unfortunately the threat isn’t only a bank robber with an automatic weapon anymore. You have these issues that were unresolved in the Middle East, to no fault of anyone except the politician, who will make poor decisions as long as it boosts their ratings. These threats followed us home. There are many of us who have the knowledge to help those serving civilly, who may never have experienced a pressure cooker IED or executed a patrol into a village where Taliban presence was high. We just want to be sure they understand who they are dealing with and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.”

Where did the name come from?

The name is a combination of an old motto “Don’t Tread On Me”, which comes from the Gadsden flag (one of the first flags flown by the Continental Marine Corps in the Revolutionary War), and the Reconnaissance Marine mantra “Swift, Silent, Deadly”. It’s one saving grace is when people mess it up calling it “Treadstone” from the Bourne series. We are ok with that. A lot of folks have used our motto for years, but we adopted “Train Like Your Life Depends On it” because when you’re training with something at stake like your life, country, or family, we tend to find one will train much harder and do everything one can to grasp the materials being presented. Our Logo is very similar to the Recon Jack, which showcases our capabilities as well as our origin. 

What is your business plan?

Like, the whole thing? Haha! We will say that our company was built on a Staff Sergeant's paycheck. We do so much with so little and still seem to find ourselves coming out on top. To date, we’ve had ZERO investors and one loan (which was paid off almost immediately). WE have designed this company to encompass being a 100% Veteran Owned Small Business that focuses on providing Tactical, Medical, and Survival Training and Equipment Solutions for not only law enforcement, but the military and the responsibly armed American citizen. We planned on being fully operational at our 5 year mark. What we mean by that is our facility would be constructed, our courses would be in full swing year round, and our products that we have developed like the Fighting Load Access Ghillie (FLAG) and the Light Weight Assaulters Ghillie (LWAG) would be in production and flying off the shelves. Just inside of 3 years we scored a training area, through the help of very close family friends, that covers 1500 acres and provides a 2200 yard precision weapons range amongst other unique features. We have submitted our suits to the Soldier Enhancement Program, per the request of the US Army, and starting January 2nd (because no one will be training on the 1st) our courses will be in full swing year round.

What are your next steps?

Our next steps? Well, that’s a loaded question and one which would take a few hours to read through if provided in great detail. Besides Mike and Dave, who are the original founders, there are three others also from the Reconnaissance community bringing their own unique experiences to the table. Our next goal is to bring them all here to where our office is located in FL alongside the range. Also, we brought on an Army Ranger (from the Regiment) with the thought process of having more than one way to skin a cat.  Aside from that, it’s all about growth and business development. We will be getting into the Worldwide Protection Services lane at some point. With our knowledge of the current theatres of operation, our unlimited access to men (and women) who are capable of deploying and providing advisory and protective roles, and our contacts which have opened the door for that, why not? Providing a large amount of quality these days is scarce which is one of the reasons, along with our dogged persistence, that we will come out on top. Being able to train our personnel at our facility, handle our own logistics, held to our standard, and removing some of the more unnecessary middle men will offer our government a way to source skilled individuals from one source capable of many different mission sets. The best part is when it does happen, you’ll never hear about it… unless of course you are the one hiring.


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