Raider Project Transition Seminar

January 29, 2016 0 Comments

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="5760.0"]Raider Project Transition Seminar Raider Project Transition Seminar

Join the Raider Project for two days at the Wilmington Convention Center for a weekend of networking while gaining the tools necessary to help each other succeed in the next mission.

Entering the job market today requires an individual demonstrating the maturity, dedication, enthusiasm, and articulation to stand apart from the rest. Military experience alone does not carry the weight that it used to; this stresses the need to develop the proper approach to succeeding both professionally and personally. 

Traditionally, transition courses cater to those requiring assistance at the most elemental level (i.e. resume-building, personal finance, and business attire). Addressing the need for further information beneficial to success, our seminar focuses on the demands of careers, lifestyle, personal / team training, and both physiological and psychological health. Recognizing that each individual transition is unique, the participants are able to ask our eleven guest speakers questions and get immediate feedback.

Join us for two FREE days of networking, and gain the tools to help each other succeed in our next mission.

Get away for the weekend to North Carolina’s most accessible coastal destination, Wilmington, North Carolina, features a scenic Riverwalk lined with boutiques, cafés and vibrant nightlife along the Cape Fear River. The Wilmington Convention Center is the largest convention center on the North Carolina coast, with 107,000 square feet. Wilmington International Airport (ILM) is only 4 miles from the convention center and provides Wilmington & NC’s Cape Fear Coast with major commercial and general aviation services. Carriers include Delta Airlines and American Airlines/US Airways, with daily flights available to and from major East Coast hubs.

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