Rawah Ranch

July 05, 2016 0 Comments

Rajah Retreat 2016 Rajah Retreat 2016 Sample Schedule for the 2016 Retreat Sample Schedule for the 2016 Retreat

The Raider Project's Wilderness Retreat offers a week-long escape to veterans that are working through the rigors associated with transition out of the service. Northern Colorado's Rawah Ranch is uniquely equipped to provide exceptional relaxation and recreational activities. This opportunity to rest and unwind allows guys to return home feeling rejuvenated, restoring focus and contributing to their overall wellness.

"Colorado Guest Ranch,          World-Class Experience Named for the rugged and MAJESTIC snow-capped mountains that rise above it and the untouched wilderness that surrounds it, Northern Colorado's Historic Rawah Ranch is a Colorado guest ranch located in one of the west's most scenic and unspoiled valleys in North America. Explore the Ranch."

Sample Schedule (cont) Sample Schedule (cont)

The thing that truly sets this retreat apart is that it is designed not only for recreation and relaxation, but also to give you the tools you need to prepare you for your next mission. A smooth transition, a balanced life, and healthy relationships. It is our goal to see veterans successful in every aspect of their lives. If you or a loved one would be interested in being a part of this incredible all expense paid retreat. Please apply here. We are looking for combat marine veterans who are ready to see changes in their own lives.

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