Moving Your Invisible Boundaries

May 09, 2017 0 Comments

Raider Project is excited to host Dr. Jim Richards at the 2nd Annual Raider Project Military Transition Seminar May 20-21st in Dallas, Texas.




Dr. Jim Richards

Dr. James B. Richards is a bestselling author, teacher, theologian, and businessman. His success in these arenas has placed him in demand as a speaker and personal advisor to business, clergy, and political leaders. His personal process of emerging from years of pain, dysfunction, and deep bitterness has given him proven tools for success in life, ministry and business.

While he holds degrees in theology, human behavior, and medicine, Jim’s teaching is simple, well rounded, understandable, and easy to apply. The results have been proven in 30 years of personal, professional, and clinical application. The end-result of applying his teachings and methods? A peaceful, productive life of loving, meaningful relationships.

 Jim is the president and founder of Internal Life Resources, an organization committed to developing people to fulfill their potential. As a pioneer in the field of personal transformation and through many years of groundbreaking research and clinical application, Dr. Richards has discovered the keys to unlock painless, permanent, positive transformation! Through a revolutionary program he has combined spiritual insight with scientific and medical knowledge to develop a life transformation program that addresses the needs of the whole man.

He has doctorates in Theology, Oriental Medicine and Human Behavior with many certifications including as a substance abuse counselor, a detox specialist and a handwriting analyst.

Heart Physics is his life’s work. This program grew out of more than 30 years of personal application, experimentation, and clinical application. Nothing about this program was created or developed in a vacuum. All theories were tested in personal application, experimental volunteer studies, one-on-one counseling, and clinical application.

There is an endless supply of testimonials to the effectiveness of this program.

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