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February 04, 2016 0 Comments

Raider Project is excited to announce an incredible event put together for our brothers in arms.

565 Miles in 28 Days

A team of up to ten individuals will pledge to walk, run and/or ride bicycles a combined total of 565 miles in the month of February (usually 28 days). Teams may be formed from anywhere in the world and your miles can be logged from the comfort of your own home. As a collective, all participants will raise funds for GallantFew and increase awareness for veteran issues surrounding the transition from active military service to civilian life.

  1. Register
  2. Raise Money and Awareness
  3. Participate in the kick-off event if you are available (date and time TBD)
  4. Track your miles in the month of February
  5. Keep an eye on promos
  6. Keep engaged with like-minded people from around the globe joining you in the event
  7. Celebrate making a difference for our service members in transition

Veterans continue to battle record high levels of unemployment, under-employment, homelessness and suicide.  The most recent Department of Labor Statistics from July 2015 show Global War on Terror veterans are 37% more likely to be unemployed than a person who never served and two times as more likely to be unemployed than a Desert Storm era Veteran.  The VA reports twenty two veterans take their own lives daily, and active duty suicides have averaged one per day. We can and do make a difference!

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Climb On

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This command tells your climbing buddy that you’ve got him. You are literally watching his back, and should he slip or tire, or should the rock surface give way you are the only thing standing between him and death or serious injury. Climbing is applicable to virtually every area of your life, and fits solidly within each of GallantFew’s Functional Fitness areas of the STAR, which stands for Self-Training and Response-ability.

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2017 Climbing Trip
2017 Climbing Trip

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The Raider Project is offering a weekend outdoor rock climbing trip to veterans that are working through the rigors associated with transition out of the service. Previous trips have included top rope climbing of beautiful Windgate Sandstone face and crack climbs. We'll be teaching the basics of rope work, climbing techniques, and belaying. There will be camping, hiking, climbing, and rappelling.

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The members of this unit and others like it are still so completely dedicated to the organization that their bodies, their marriages, what’s left of their mental bandwidth, and eventually their overall happiness are willingly handed over just so they can spend as long as they can with the men they truly love and for what……...So that can protect each other through the hard times and be in good company when stepping off into the frey.

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