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February 26, 2019 0 Comments

Raider project 

relationship weekend

February 22nd-24th Raider Project Hosted it's VERY first Relationship Retreat on Topsail Island, NC with speakers: Dr. Jim Richards, Pastors Dennis and Denise Capra and Chief Morale Officer, Kirk Weisler. The objective of this retreat was to give combat veteran's the tools they need for successful family relationships.

Every day couples go to counselors, do all the right things, and take all the right steps, but their hearts are never changed. The emptiness is excruciating. The loneliness is devastating. You weren’t looking for a formula, you wanted real love. You really can feel the passion that you never thought possible. You can discover the godly secrets to intimacy. You can turn your relationship into Utopia.

Dr. Jim Richards


Each day consisted of back to back workshops and activities including yoga with instructor Ashley Kundrat. Individual and partner yoga took place in in the main room with the doors and windows open so everyone could listen to the waves crash as they refreshed and meditated each morning.

wHAT couples ARE SAYING:

"Seth and I had an amazing and unforgettable experience at The Raider Project Couples Retreat. We were excited and grateful for this amazing opportunity, but our expectations were far exceeded down to every detail including the accommodations, the speakers and the valuable lessons we learned over the weekend. From the moment we arrived, we felt welcomed by everyone and we felt completely comfortable during the entire weekend we were there. We enjoyed listening to the speakers and learning the most important tools that we can implement into our relationship. Needless to say, this weekend was a life changing experience that has definitely made a huge, positive impact on both of our lives. We are so thankful we were able to take part in this retreat and are extremely grateful for the opportunity to strengthen our relationship and apply the information we learned to our upcoming marriage.  Thank you again to everyone that made this possible for us!" -Stephanie Alday

Alison Capra
The Raider Project

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The word Post Traumatic Stress DISORDER is ridiculous. I understand the Post Traumatic Stress part but the DISORDER? Why? Does having PTS really mean you have a disorder. Maybe to a clinical psychologists who refer to the DSM IV to diagnose a certain mental health issue it can be a disorder. However, the word disorder used for veterans can cripple your mental stability. 

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June 24, 2019 0 Comments

I hope this letter reaches you in relative peace. I am Fritz Sleigher and just retired out of MARSOC after 22 years in our beloved Corps. Thank you for the retirement note. I served as an 02, 0369, 0311, and 0317 with a smattering of other MOS’ at various units. I retired as a Gunny, which will come into play shortly. I watched your video and feel your pain. Although we have never met, I am certain that you feel each loss of life and are just as confused as to why Marines are taking their lives at an alarming rate. I’ll never understand the monumental burden of command you bear, but I am certain we both share the feeling of loss, guilt, and confusion after each suicide. The BLUF on suicide is this: The current culture of the Corps conflicts with itself and creates an environment where those in need feel even more secluded. I re-posted your article on FB, and several peers (recently retired enlisted combat vets) sing the same tune: The Corps let them down.

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This month is Military Caregiver's Month. Hannah Honsberger is a Raider wife with an amazing story of restoration. After her husband's life altering static line crash, Hannah rushed to Josh's side to help him through the debilitating injury that pulled him from his life's purpose and mission as an operator. But that is only the beginning of their story.

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