Veteran Yoga the Mind Body Connection

April 24, 2017 0 Comments

Keynote Speaker: Sean Silvera
Sean SilveraThe first step is usually the most difficult on the path to recovery and building resilience. Yoga provides individuals the opportunity 
to experiment with the Five Tools: Breathing, Meditation, Mindful Movement, Guided Rest and Gratitude. - The Veteran Yoga Project

 This year Raider Project is excited to bring our very own yoga expert Sean Silvera to the GallantFew, Raider Project Military Transition Seminar.



Sean volunteered his knowledge and time to the Raider Project and veteran community at the Rawah Wilderness Retreat last October. He introduced 20 marines to the practice and mindful resilience of yoga in the mountains of Colorado.

Sean Silvera is a Marine Corp Veteran, entrepreneur and Yogi.  He currently owns and operates 3 businesses and counting, including a construction company and a Yoga Studio.  He is currently on the Board of directors for Veterans yoga project which provides yoga to the veteran community.  Sean is also a facilitator for Prison Yoga Project and teaches weekly classes to incarcerated Veterans  inside San Quentin Prison.  He is committed to sharing this practice that has transformed his life, with the Veteran comunity and beyond. 

veteran yoga

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