Wilderness Retreat... More than I Could Have Imagined

November 09, 2016 0 Comments

Written by: Paul Dashiell

Leading up to the week at Rawah Guest Ranch I found myself overloaded with anticipation, excitement, nervousness and a lot of anxiety. Managed only by the understanding that where I was headed, was exactly where I wanted to be... With my brothers

This trip was many things for all of us. For myself it was a reunion of a few brothers I had not seen in many years. Anthony, Remington, Nick and myself served together for three years.

Arriving at the ranch I could feel my worries melting away, by the stunning beauty the wilderness surrounding the ranch. We were welcomed by the amazing staff and Raider Project with the love of a family. We broke bread together, sharing stories, and laughs over gourmet meals. Followed by a brief introduction into the activities available: yoga, hiking, fishing, shooting and horseback riding. We attended classes, counseling, EMDR and a nightly camp fire.

The Raider Project put together and amazing group, coupled with the instruction from Kirk Weisler, Karl Monger, Dawn Wrenn and Sean Silvera; equipping me with the tools and understanding to be open and willing to lean into learning. All of this created peaceful introspection, releasing stress, finding balance  within mind body and soul.  We were able to reprogram the subconscious by asking the important questions. 

DID THIS HELP? More than I ever could have imagined.


Huge thanks to everyone. Sponsors like Gallant Few, TRX, Gerber Gear, Kill Cliff, Baptiste Yoga, RAWAH Guest Ranch, Tim, Meg, Joe, Ford, Marcus, Maggie, Tabitha, Becca, Maria and of course the Raider Project, Nick, Alison, Brandon and Matt

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