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December 29, 2016 0 Comments

Because of your support, we can celebrate another amazing year. 100% of ALL  go directly to veteran programs and grants. Click above to watch, or read here our 2016 Year in Review:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="583.0"]RAWAH Wilderness Retreat 2016 RAWAH Wilderness Retreat 2016

We had our very first Raider Project Military Transition Seminar April 1st-2nd 2016 Raider Project hosted a military transition seminar like no other at the Wilmington Convention Center to around 200 registered veterans. Giving veterans active tools to put into practice and continue their mission. 
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June 9-10, 2016  marked our first Raider Project Climbing Trip. We took 10 veterans to the mountains to practice climbing, spend quality time camping outdoors, and connect with their brothers.
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The 2016 Raider Project Rawah Wilderness Retreat was a huge success. The thing that truly set this retreat apart is that it was designed not only for recreation and relaxation, but also to give veterans the tools that they need to prepare them for their next mission, a smooth transition, balanced life and healthy relationships. This year we offered counseling and motivation from Dawn Wrenn and Kirk Weisler as well as wellness coaching with Karl Monger. Each day the men took time out for yoga, one on one counseling, and workshop activity, as well as hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. It is our goal to see veterans successful in every aspect of their lives. 
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October 2016 Marks the first month we were able to send a Marine Raider through Virginia High Performance Recovery Rehabilitation Program. One of the most innovative, aggressive recovery programs in the nation. VHP is working on a grant to support Special Operations Veterans in this program. For the time being we are sending MARSOC operators that qualify for a month of physical rehabilitation.

TRX Training Systems
This year we partnered with TRX to offer TRX suspension training systems to veterans to help with their goals of strength, fitness, and recovery. So far this year, we were able to give away 400 TRX systems

BUY One GIVE One Event
This year Raider Project will donate 200 R.E.D. Friday Mugs and 6 OZ bags of coffee to services members deployed as a Christmas Care Package.

More of our local programs/affiliates underway 2016:

Raider Project Chartered Sports Fishing
Raider Project Softball Team
Sneads Ferry Float Spa
Each month Raider Project sends 4 veterans to the Sneads Ferry Float Spa.Flotation therapy is a powerful, self-guided, holistic option for faster physical recovery from training and injury. It also provides symptom reduction from chronic pain conditions and relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.
Wilmington Treatment Center
This year we funded treatment at the outpatient program of Wilmington Treatment Center for drug and alcohol addiction.

We don’t disclose details that identify those veterans we help.  It’s hard enough to ask for help, and can be embarrassing to the veteran and his or her family. Here are some more examples of work this year:

Provided direct, one-on-one mentoring to help veterans achieve a smoother transition.

Connected with veterans in danger of harming themselves, helped them accept that they needed help and helped get them the appropriate care, sometimes meaning in-patient treatment.

Helped veterans starting or expanding businesses achieve the veterans administration's " Certified Veteran Enterprise" Recognition, allowing them to compete as a service disabled veteran owned small business in federal business opportunities.

Transition assistance provided to veterans through resume coaching, educational resource advice, and networking Introductions.

Homeless veterans place in temporary housing and connected with local ambassadors and aid workers.

Matched service animals to veterans battling with PTSD.

Provided short term immediate financial relief in times of crisis.

Offered emergency legal assistance ranging from criminal defense to civil matters.

Partnered with phycologists and counselors around the U.S. providing emotional wellness coaching and mental health care for veterans.

We know we have saved and helped to save lives; we have helped veterans move from homelessness to housing, and prevented others from becoming homeless; and helped veterans obtain jobs where otherwise they would have never had access to the job opening.

Thank you so much for your support,
We can NOT do anything without you.

-Raider Project Crew

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The members of this unit and others like it are still so completely dedicated to the organization that their bodies, their marriages, what’s left of their mental bandwidth, and eventually their overall happiness are willingly handed over just so they can spend as long as they can with the men they truly love and for what……...So that can protect each other through the hard times and be in good company when stepping off into the frey.

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