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The core focus of The Raider Project is one-on-one mentoring by a veteran with a veteran.  The perfect match is one where both veterans:

  • Live in the same hometown
  • Served within the same military branch
  • Had the same Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)
  • Had the same units of assignment (this is ideal)
  • Were deployed in the same combat theaters
  • Have similar injuries

Bottom line – we want our mentors and proteges to have as many things in common as possible because this generates a much quicker and stronger bond.

There are many ways for you to get involved with The Raider Project.

New Veterans

If you are about to leave the military, or have recently EAS'd (that’s End of Active Service to you civilians out there), then click the Veteran Sign Up Form and provide your information. Someone from the The Raider Project will contact you by email to verify your status. It is important to provide your .mil email so that we can quickly confirm you, since you may not yet have a DD214 (discharge document).

“Seasoned” Veterans

If you’ve been out a few years and have successfully transitioned to your civilian career, we want you to be a mentor for a new veteran. It doesn't matter what profession, blue collar or white collar. What matters is that you have gone through the process and you have the transitional bumps and bruises to prove it. Your experience is invaluable to a new veteran. We will expect you to spend at least one hour every two weeks with your protege.  Initial focus is on three areas: Is their resume ready? Are they ready for a job interview (rehearse one with them)? Introduce them to your professional/social network. You belong to Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, Lions, Fellowship Groups, Golf Teams, Bowling Leagues, showing active involvement in the community. Show this new veteran – someone just like you ten, maybe fifteen years ago, to your network. Doors open, job opportunities develop, new veterans get hired. We also want you to be open with your protege. If they need to talk with someone, be that someone. We are developing mentor reference materials to help out – in the meantime, check the Veteran Crisis link. It contains great information and, if needed, get that protege on that website.

Civilian Volunteers

The Raider Project is a volunteer-driven organization. If you never served in the military, now is your chance to serve those who protected you and your family. Here are a few ways you can help (bet you can come up with more):

  • Hold a fundraising event, organize a Crossfit WOD, participate in a marathon/physical challenge and ask people to sponsor you, etc.
  • Start a local program or monthly 'veteran breakfast' to give people an opportunity to link up.
  • Offer to mentor a veteran in your particular area of expertise
  • Get your employer to start or add The Raider Project to a matching donor program (we're already listed by Microsoft and IBM)
  • Offer your time in your area of expertise (web design, brochure/graphic design, video editing…)
  • Arrange for a Raider Project spokesperson to talk to a large group in your neighborhood
  • Set up a fundraising page

For all other requests, please fill out the following form:


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