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Have you ever done night land navigation?  Old school, it was done using a compass with glowing dots and a pace cord where one bead indicated 100 meters traveled. Walking through dense woods at night, unable to see anything other than the glowing dots on the compass, we focused on keeping on azimuth and on pace.  When a tree stood in our path, we went around it to the left, the next one to the right.  Done correctly, keeping on azimuth in virtual blackness isn’t easy but it is possible.

Military transition is a lot like that.

Your transition plan is your azimuth.  Stray a couple degrees (ineffective networking, self-medicating, etc) for a few months and a GallantFew Guide can pop you back on azimuth.  Stray a couple degrees for five, or ten years, and the result can be broken relationships, ruined finances, crushed dreams, no purpose and no hope.  The longer off-azimuth, the harder it may be to get back on azimuth – but it’s never impossible.

Stray from that azimuth a degree or two at a hundred meters and it’s still easy to find your objective.  Stray for ten thousand meters and you’re in a different grid square.




When transitioning out of the military there are many changes that a Ranger will undergo and The Darby Project is here to help with resilience, reintegration and redirection into civilian life.


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