Veteran Transition Seminar

The 2018 GallantFew VetXpo

Your transition plan is your azimuth. Straying a couple of degrees over a stretch of years can result in broken relationships, crushed dreams, financial ruin, lack of purpose, and despair. The longer you spend off-azimuth, the harder it is to get back – but it’s never impossible.



Oct 26th-28th, 2018

Registration, location and other details to follow this Spring.


VetXpo is designed to be a fast-paced development that will include TED-style presentations and several practical break-out sessions conducted during intermissions. Rather than provide answers to specific questions, VetXpo seeks to cultivate the exploration of issues central to the Veteran transition process, cultural identity, and accountability. It is intended to spark introspection and action among attendees.

Join us for TWO days of networking, and gain the tools to help each other succeed in our next mission.


We set out on a mission to bring people together and equip them with the necessary tools to transition successfully. This seminar is for any service member that is separating within two years, or a veteran that is still in a transitional period. GallantFew serves veterans in any branch from any era.

In an age of technological immediacy and complex social dynamics involving our Veterans, pressure for transitioning service members continue to mount. A fast moving, diverse and chaotic civilian constituency expects unassailable emotional intelligence, ethical, and moral judgement and performance.

Unfortunate consequences of these expectations – risk aversion, lack of creativity, bunker mentalities, burnout, isolation, unclear identity and ego – are sapping Veterans of the very qualities and adaptability the demands require to navigate effectively and safely.

As leaders, how do we ensure the best and brightest of our ranks maintain the equilibrium and flexibility needed to adapt to these complex times?


Get ready! Something really cool is on the horizon. Join the GallantFew team for a weekend of discovery, networking and personal growth.


The guiding principle of VetXpo –– is a means for establishing personally relevant. foundational beliefs and courses of action that maintain this critical balance. VetXpo enables Veterans to generate thoughtful solutions in alignment with their core values. VetXpo is the integration of the highest ideals of what civilian life can be, what we expect from ourselves as a representative of military service/profession,and how our important civilian purpose filled life can be lived.

What to Expect?

  • Vet Xpo seeks to inspire excellence in Veterans by providing nationally-recognized thought leaders, wellness gurus, diverse perspectives and a platform for sharing important messages related to:
  • Managing crisis in the age of social media
  • Leveraging high profile events to the benefit of Veterans
  • The importance of mindset among Veterans – linking transition with mindsets of purpose and a sense of shared humanity
  • Building instincttve responses to thorny functional fitness problems by responding proactively EVERY DAY
  • Courageous conversations: respecting, recognizing, and helping depressed and/or suicidal Veterans adversely affected by service
  • Getting Left of Bang: how to identify attackers hiding in plain sight
  • Changing the conversation in transition: when it is us vs. them, we all lose
  • Transforming the service member/civilian relationship
  • The role Faith plays in functional fitness


 Keynote Speakers from 2016


Nick Koumalatsos: Director of The Raider Project



Kirk Weisler: CMO and Professional Speaker

Jeff Nichols: Founder of Virginia High Performance



Karl Monger: Founder and Executive Director of the veteran non-profit (GallantFew). 

Dr. Cagan G. Randall, D.C. : Co-Founder of Cerebrum Health Centers



Michael R. Rodriguez: Green Beret Foundation



Mike Schlitz: Gary Sinise Foundation/Special Advisor to the Board of Directors at GallantFew.


Nick Palmisciano: CEO of Ranger Up



Vince Vargas - AR15 Clothing



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