The Raider Project: Now in it's third year is a key Gallant Few Program that remains focused on the US Marine Corps Combat Veteran. Raider Project provided over 300 services this past year to Marine veterans ranging from suicide prevention, drug addiction treatment, PTS therapy, and employment assistance. Of note and in response to tragic helicopter crash that killed seven active duty raiders, Raider Project provided grants and other assistance totaling $85,000. To reduce overhead, Raider Project funds expenses through sales of tees and gear allowing 100% of donated funds to go directly to the mission. We live the Raider MOTTO. "Never above you, never below you, always beside you."

From the beginning, GallantFew has grown from the veteran community in response to needs of that community.  Our 1st 5-year chart shows you growth in services and funds raised each year, and the detailed charts show you performance so far this year.  GallantFew now has three full time, one part time employees and two contracted positions.  Our Executive Director is hands-on and spends the majority of his time directly helping veterans. Our offices are virtual and we have no plans to add the overhead of brick and mortar.

We don’t disclose details that identify those veterans we help.  It’s hard enough to ask for help, and can be embarrassing to the veteran and his or her family. Here are some examples of work this year:

  • Provided direct, one-on-one mentoring to help Veterans achieve a smoother transition.

  • Connected with Veterans in danger of harming themselves, helped them accept that they needed help, and helped them get into appropriate care – several times meaning in-patient treatment.

  • Helped Veterans starting or expanding businesses achieve the Veterans Administration’s. “Certified Veteran Enterprise” recognition, allowing them to compete as Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses in federal business opportunities.

  • Assisted Veterans will legal issues, ranging from criminal defense to civil matters.

  • Partnered with the Elk Institute, providing cutting-edge psychological care for Veterans.

  • Supported the Raider 7 crash with support to families and team-mates

  • Raider Project Softball Programs

  • Raider Project Fishing Programs

  • Raider Project Retreats

  • Raider Project Transition Seminar

  • Provided DFW Fit-Vet, a partnership with Metroport Rotary, Summit Indoor Climbing and GallantFew to help veterans increase physical fitness, confidence and trust.

  • Built The Darby Project brand as the Ranger Alumni network with 14 chapters.

  • Partnered with Hire Heroes, RP6, Sua Sponte Elite Race team.

We know we have saved and helped to save lives; we have helped veterans move from homelessness to housing, and prevented others from becoming homeless; and helped veterans obtain jobs where otherwise they would have never had access to the job opening. At the end of  2014 GallantFew logged 695 veteran services.  As of November 5, 2015 GallantFew has logged 743 veteran services. 


Here are some quotes used by permission:

“I can’t begin to tell you the hope you’ve given me”

“In a few months I’ve achieved SDVOSB Certified Veteran Enterprise status and my business has expanded tremendously. I hope to hire several new employees in the next year as a result”

“Your resume review and Ranger referral services helped me land a great job”

Your contribution ensures:

  • Our ability to identify, screen, network and connect transitioning veterans with Guides

  • Our ability to build the capacity needed to ensure every veteran seeking assistance receives appropriate and timely help

  • The New American Veteran awareness continues and reaches a greater audience through social media such as BlogTalkRadioPodBeaniTunes and Blogger

GallantFew believes in absolute transparency.  

Below are the IRS Form 990’s (the equivalent of a tax return for a non-profit).  Dollars raised through donations was up just slightly over prior year.  The big increase was Raider Project, especially the sales of gear.  That increase allowed us to increase grants and financial assistance tenfold. Salaries doubled as we went from two to four employees.  Our other expenses actually decreased.

Overhead (management and fundraising) expenses are less than 4%.  The reason we keep this low is we are all vital components of the program.  We don’t have “non-workers”.  The actual reported overhead percentages are from time the Executive Director and Development Director dedicate to admin tasks that can’t be reported under operational functions.

You can verify our status here and view our IRS documents below.

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