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Fitness is such a important  part of our daily routine and it has such a powerful impact on veteran transition. So often can we get stuck. As soon as we start training and getting healthier, stresses fall away and things become more clear. We get asked a lot about programing and workout routines. 

For only $10.00 dollars a month we provide an entire month of training through a convenient phone app.



Make sure to check out our exclusive Raider Project WOD gear too! Click HERE for a sample WORKOUT weekly schedule.

We want to offer individuals a low cost program that allows them to push themselves to be the best version of themselves. Programming includes all aspects - warm ups, workouts, and recovery!

 Our organization wants to help people get back on their feet to live a happy, healthier, more successful life by offering low cost training developed by one of our own Marine Raiders. Sponsored by Train Heroic with integrated features to track your progress and get real results.

"It's supposed to be HARD! If it wasn't, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it GREAT!"

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