"The Raiders" Softball Team

The Raider Project sponsors a COED softball team in every fall. The team is made up of all veterans or Active Duty service members and their spouses. The goal of the adventure was to get current/former Raiders and veterans active with their spouses with other people they could relate to. While most of us have a very competitive drive that pushes us to succeed, this team will be more about having fun and connecting than it is about winning (but we plan on doing a lot of that!). Our team management philosophy is simple, if you show up you play. Regardless of the abilities or possible disabilities, every person that can put on some shoes and a glove will be given an opportunity to get out on the field for just some plain old softball fun. We hope that exposing everyone to the softball community in Jacksonville we can continue to play and give our Active Duty/veteran players an outlet and to connect with like people.

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