Black Homage Tank Top

Raider Project


Grab our limited edition Homage TANK TOP - a throwback to the original Raiders who were stood up in 1942 behind enemy lines during World War II.

What's the meaning behind this tee?

Raiders carried two distinct knives; a larger classic style knife with a 9″ blade for fieldcraft tasks and a Raider Stiletto, strictly for close-quarters defense. As a Raider, each man was issued a boat paddle, used to insert and extract on amphibious missions. When they were getting ready to rotate back to the States, their teammates would draw designs on the paddle with charcoal as a keepsake from his time in the unit. The addition of the lightning bolt to the iconic skull is a throwback to the original 2nd Raider battalion insignia.

The Southern Cross constellation is used as a navigational beacon in the southern hemisphere by Raiders and Marines alike - this symbol was adapted on the first battalion patch to commemorate the sacrifices of Marines during the Battle of Guadalcanal.

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