Common Sense Transition Book

Raider Project

ISBN-10: 0996794689

In an attention-grabbing story, author Karl P. Monger shares his experiences as a United States Army officer, including the transition trials he experienced when he left the Army and sought to find purpose in civilian life. Despite government programs and 40,000 nonprofits dedicated to veterans, transition from the military remains a veteran’s greatest challenge. Monger highlights a common sense approach for veterans to gain control over their transition and shows how communities can help them achieve lives of hope and purpose.

This book is aimed at two primary audiences. The first: the soldier who is transitioning from military service to civilian life. Every veteran experiences transition, whether it is beneficial or detrimental, whether it starts tomorrow or may have been ongoing for years. Veterans need this book to transition better.

The second audience is comprised of the communities that will become home for these warriors. You are likely a member of one of these communities, and with membership comes responsibility. Learning what you can do and doing it can make all the difference in a soldier’s civilian life.

About the Author

Karl P. Monger served as a light infantry company commander and Ranger battalion staff officer.He founded the nonprofit GallantFew, Inc. in 2010 and today serves as its Executive Director. He is focused on helping individuals and corporations transition to excellence by providing problem solving, sales and leadership training, and emotional fitness coaching.

Publication Date: August 9, 2017

296 pages

All copies autographed by the author.

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